The END of an Era

5 12 2009

Hello anyone who is still viewing!

I have not been on here for months and i have decided there is no future for the army. I myself have become less interested in clubpenguin as i have grown up and have become interested in different things.

This is my official resignation and will to what happens to the army:

There shall be no more posts on this website, it shall be preserved as a memory of how those of us in europe can be a successful army. This was my first internet based project, it has been hard and challenging but also fun. I am currently working on different projects and this is the last time this website will be updated.

Our territories are now neutral and all other armies are welcome to take them. Just remember our small legacy when you do.

My wish is that this army is not to be continued by PJP or Itunesgeek or anyone else outside of europe.

However if someone would like to make a new european army please do so and let us know here!

This is wandgan signing out for the final time, and remember…

VIVA LA VIDA! (Long live life)


Zx1996 stepping down

13 10 2009

Hello penguin!!!

As you may guess from the title of this post, I am stepping down from Supreme General of EACP. The reason for this is: I am a bit boered now, I have a bit more homework to do and I want to change.

I have not left EACP so don’t delete me off ranks. I’m just taking a more back seat roll. I shall still be an administrator so don’t remove me.

This next part of my post is telling penguins what they are now in charge of now I have stepped down

Supreme General: PJP113 LM (when old enough Quack Quack 5 shall also be a supreme general, could Wandgfan22 please not assign a new supreme general when he leaves so that Quack Quack 5 can go instead once he’s old enough)

Leader of Bravo Brigade: PJP113 LM (there have also been other changes of leadership in the brigades after I’ve left)

SAS leader:  Zappacozmo (I shall be co-leader now)

EACP representative: Itunesgeek1 LM Zx (the representative represents EACP on different councils and alliances. To find these alliances go to EACP nation. Itunesgeek1 LM Zx, I would like you to join CPUN firstly, once the comI thank all of those who have made my year with club penguin armies so enjoyable. ments are excepted again)


Before I step down, however, I would like to award some penguins with some medals.

EACP Itunesgeek1 LM2 Zx: Loyalty medal 2 and EACP cross, for outstanding loyalty and for taking the a couple of servers single handedly.

Wandgfan22 LM: Loyalty medal, for exceptional loyalty in helping me out and making EACP a reality.

PJP113 LM: Loyalty medal, for being loyal to EACP.

My Club penguin armies journey

My journey all began with Wandgfan22 in a PE lesson. He told me about ACP and how he had joined them about a week before. I though that it sounded pretty good so I joined ACP.


I got my first promotion, to Warrant Officier, a week or two after joining, this was for being active and turning up to a couple of battles.. I then became a Lieutenant, this was for turning up to the World War For Fun.


After the World War For Fun I came up with the idea of EUACP (the european union army of club penguin). I came up with EUACP because I was annoyed with ACP as no battles were at the right time for me in Britain. After a talk with Wandgfan22 at school the next day EACP was born.


We got our first few members from school, thanks to our first member sourcex77. After a couple of recruiting sessions on ACP we got a couple more member, Itunesgeek1 was among those who joined.


EACP then took over White House, but it was already taken and as we were a new army we didn’t fight for it. EACP then took over Walrus, which was already taken by Foxlight. We had our first battle with Foxlight for Walrus and we were victorious, Walrus became our first capital.


Then, however, EACP reached bad times. I was at MrRacer’s house and was thinking about resigning, Wandgfan22 had already reigned. A few days ago though I foung ou that a line underneath a persons name means that they have a wordpress site. I tried this a couple of times with members of EACP. I clicked on Itunesgeek1 and found that he had an army too. Elite Shadows. We had our first allies.


EACP then took Brise and Inverno. I then went recruiting on Walrus but it went terribly wrong. I met a golds soldier there, golds and team bandit joint own Walrus. I fought with them for a while before tring to bargain with them. They refused. So we handed it over, as golds’ allies include ACP, and Itunesgeek1 managed to get us South Pole. South Pole then became our capital.


A became a Mjor in ACP after the 3 day war, I was at the battles every day of the war.


We joined the small armies council and the samll armies alliance. We became quater finalists at the best small armies tornament.


Shortly after the best small armies tournament I left ACP to concentrate more on helping EACP become the best that we can possibly be (I hope PJP can keep this up for EACP).


And finnaly here I am now writing these very words on my computer.



P.S. I’ll still be around EACP.  I’m a Brigader general now, bye.


Organisations we are part of

30 09 2009


EACP are part of 2 organisations at the momant. These are: The small armies council and The small armies alliance. You can find links to these on the EACP nation page.

We are also considering joining the club penguin UN.

Should we join?

Please take part in this survey so that we can decide:

Thanks for voting


We are out of the best small armies tournament

27 09 2009

Hello then,

The title says it all, we’re out.

Although it was the second round we were quater finalists.

It was at midnight for us in Europe so we didn’t stand much of a chance.

Anyhow, I wanted to at least get past the first round.

I would like all those who turned up to HONESTLY tell us they were there.

Finnaly, I would like Itunes to tell us what happened a t the battle and how well we did.



2nd round battle

27 09 2009

Hello peguins!!!

As you might already know we have just had our second round battle. I have jsut realised,however, that for us Brits and the rest of Europe the battle took place at around 1 o’clock in the morning.

Could slmeone please tell us whether we won or not and what the addess of  the rebel warriors site is.

I would also like you to HONESTLY tell us whether or not you were at the battle so that we can award you wit the loyalty medals we promised. Itunes I hope can also tell me who turned up as I believe that you were a judge.



War NOW!!!!!

26 09 2009


Second round battle

25 09 2009

Okay then,

Our battle is on Saturday the 26th of September 2009. It shall be at 12:45 GMT. We are against the rebel warriors and the battle shall take place at ice pond’s snow forts.

Remember that whoever turns up to the battle shall be promoted. All of you who turn up will be awarded the loyalty medal (A new medal) and you shall have an LM at the end of your name.



P.S. I may be out at the time of the battle. It is some thing with my family that we planned ages ago. If it’s rainng I won’t go so therefore I shall be able to attend the battle. Anyhow, I hope to see you all there.